AIA Ghana

Artificial Intelligence Association of Ghana

AIA is a Non Profit Association of various stakeholders in Industry, Education, Community etc .. who are interested in the application and promotion of Artificial Intelligence technologies like Machine Learning, and related fields like Cloud Computing, IOT Sensors etc… in Ghana

NVIDIA Educational Series - Edge Computing - Jetson AI Fundamentals
July 14, 2021

Join us this Thursday, July 15th at 3pm GMT for our July Education series on the topic “Edge Computing -...

NVIDIA Educational Series
June 16, 2021

Join us on Thursday on our first educational series partnered with NVIDIA’s Emerging Chapters Program at 3PM GMT.

Interview with Notitia Co-founder Derek K Degbedzui
July 14, 2020

I recently interviewed Derek K Degbedzui about opportunities and challenges facing the Data Science industry in Ghana.